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Capsule Applicator for dispensing & crimping capsules or caps

The CDA Capsule Applicator Model Cap System represents a pinnacle in bottling technology, offering unparalleled versatility and efficiency in cap dispensing and crimping. This monobloc system, suitable for all bottle formats, is a must-have for businesses looking to streamline their bottling process.

Equipped with a robust conveyor, the machine ensures smooth and continuous movement of bottles through the system. The cap dispenser is meticulously designed to handle a variety of cap sizes and types, ensuring each bottle is perfectly topped. Depending on the production needs, the machine can be fitted with one or two crimpers, providing the flexibility to adapt to different cap crimping requirements.

The intuitive touch screen interface stands out as a highlight of the CDA Capsule Applicator. It simplifies the management and configuration of the machine, allowing operators to easily adjust settings for different bottle types and cap sizes. This user-friendly feature ensures quick setup times and minimal downtime, enhancing overall productivity.

Integration into existing production lines is seamless, thanks to the machine’s compact design and compatibility with CDA automatic labeling machines. Whether it’s a small-scale boutique operation or a large-scale industrial setup, the CDA Capsule Applicator fits in effortlessly, elevating the efficiency of the entire bottling process.

The CDA Capsule Applicator is versatile and can handle all bottle formats, making it ideal for a wide range of industries.

Yes, it is specifically designed to efficiently apply heat shrink capsules on spirits bottles, ensuring a perfect finish every time.

Absolutely, the CDA Capsule Applicator is designed for easy integration into any production line, including those with CDA automatic labeling machines.

Yes, it comes equipped with one or two crimpers as needed, providing precise and reliable crimping for various cap types.

The machine features an intuitive touch screen for easy management and configuration, making it user-friendly and efficient to operate.


Optimizing Spirits Bottling: The Role of Heat Shrink Capsules and Crimping Cap


In the spirits industry, presentation rivals the importance of the product. This blog explores the role of heat shrink capsules and crimping caps in spirits bottling. We focus on the efficiency and precision of the CDA Capsule Applicator Model Cap System.

The Importance of Capsule Application in Spirits Bottling

Capsules are more than closures. They symbolize quality and brand identity. We’ll explore why heat shrink capsules are essential in spirits bottling. Their contribution to product appeal and integrity is significant.

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Crimping Caps: Ensuring Seal Integrity

Crimping caps is crucial in bottling. It’s not just about sealing; it’s about maintaining product integrity. We’ll examine cap crimping technology. Its role in upholding quality standards is paramount.

The CDA Capsule Applicator: A Game-Changer

We’ll delve into the CDA Capsule Applicator Model Cap System. Its versatile cap handling and precise crimping capabilities are noteworthy. This machine revolutionizes the bottling process for spirits.

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Enhancing Efficiency and Aesthetics in Bottling

Efficiency and aesthetic appeal are vital in the spirits industry. The CDA Capsule Applicator boosts bottling speed and ensures a perfect finish. It enhances the product’s shelf appeal significantly.

Adapting to Industry Trends and Consumer Expectations

The spirits industry is ever-changing. We’ll explore current trends, like the demand for premium packaging. The CDA Capsule Applicator helps brands stay competitive. It meets and exceeds consumer expectations effectively.


The CDA Capsule Applicator Model Cap System is indispensable in spirits bottling. It ensures precision in cap application and crimping. This plays a vital role in maintaining product quality and enhancing brand image. This blog offers insights for businesses aiming to optimize their bottling process. It’s a guide to making a lasting impression in the competitive spirits market.

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