At Géninox, we provide a wide range of bottle washers, including semi-automatic bottle cleaning machines, semi-automatic bottle washing machine, semi-automatic bottle air washers, and bottle water washers. Our machines are specifically designed to handle various container shapes, guaranteeing a thorough cleaning of your glass or plastic bottles. This ensures that your bottles are perfectly sanitized and prepared for use in your food production processes. No more bottle shortage in your assembly line! Save on bottle purchases by investing in one of our premium bottle cleaner machine!

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The primary purpose of a bottle cleaner machine is to remove dirt, debris, labels, and other contaminants from bottles, ensuring they are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before reuse or filling. The machine typically consists of a conveyor system that transports the bottles through a series of cleaning stages.

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What are the benefits of purchasing a bottle washing machine?

Our bottle waashing machines are exceptional bottle washing solutions to optimize your chain of production. Our semi-automatic machine cuts bottle washing time in order to optimize the bottle washing process. Unlike any other commercial bottle washers we offer a solution that

At Géninox we are committed to provide high-performance, durable bottle washers for any bottle sizes and bottle components. The pressurized bottle aimed at washing and sanitizing bottles for more efficient and better results.

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Our efficient bottle washing machine is designed to be compact and fit in a limited space environment. It is meant for cost-effective operation commercial bottle washer in order to meet commercial and industrial equipment with its compact design.

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Our bottle cleaner machines are engineered to minimize changeover times, allowing for a seamless transition between different container shapes. With a focus on flexibility and simple changeover, these machines efficiently clean the body of bottles while maintaining high production rates.

Géninox’s conveyor systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with our bottle washer and cleaning machines. These conveyors facilitate smooth bottle rotation, ensuring that each bottle rack is thoroughly cleaned before proceeding to the next stage of production.

Conseils pour réussir le lancement d'une nouvelle boisson

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How do our semi-automatic glass bottle washing machine work?

Here is a general overview of the cleaning process in a bottle cleaner machine:

Conseils pour réussir le lancement d'une nouvelle boisson

The dirty bottles pass through a pre-rinsing stage where they are sprayed with water or a cleaning solution to remove any loose dirt or debris.When it comes to removing debris from the inside of bottles and containers, air is commonly used. Some rinsing machines are designed to invert bottles before releasing an air burst inside, effectively blowing out dust and contaminants while the bottles are upside down. Alternatively, certain packaging machines incorporate a bottle vacuum system that doesn’t invert the containers. Instead, they use air to blast the insides and then vacuum out the loosened dust and debris.

The bottles are then subjected to a series of mechanical or chemical cleaning methods. Mechanical cleaning methods involve bottle cleaning brushes, nozzles, or jets that scrub or spray the bottles to remove tougher residues. Chemical cleaning methods may include the use of detergents or sanitizing agents to dissolve or kill contaminants.

After the main cleaning stage, the bottles go through one or more rinse cycles to remove any remaining cleaning agents or residues. This helps ensure that the bottles are free from any unwanted substances.

In some bottle cleaner machines, a drying stage follows the rinsing process. This can involve forced air, heated elements, or vacuum technology to remove moisture and leave the bottles dry.

The specific design and features of bottle cleaner machines can vary depending on the industry and the types of bottles being cleaned. Some machines may have additional features like label removal systems, inspection systems to detect bottle defects, or customizable settings for different bottle sizes and shapes.

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The bottle washing equipment included in our multi-function bottle washing machine

A multi-function bottle washer typically includes various types of equipment to perform different cleaning functions efficiently. The specific equipment included can vary depending on the manufacturer and the requirements of the industry. However, here are some common components that may be included in a multi-function bottle washer:

Pre-rinse section:

This section typically consists of high-pressure nozzles or jets that spray water or cleaning solution onto the bottles to remove loose dirt, debris, or residual product.

Main cleaning section:

This section incorporates different cleaning mechanisms to remove tougher residues from the bottles. It may include:

  • Bottle Brushes: Rotating or oscillating brushes scrub the bottles to dislodge and remove dirt and contaminants.
  • Nozzles/jets: High-pressure water jets or nozzles spray water or cleaning solution onto the bottles to remove stubborn residues.
  • Air knives: Compressed air is used to blow away water or residual cleaning agents from the bottles.

Rinse section:

This section is designed to provide one or more rinse cycles to remove any remaining cleaning agents or residues. It may include:

  • Spray nozzles: Low-pressure water or rinsing solution is sprayed onto the bottles to rinse them thoroughly.
  • Immersion tanks: Bottles may be immersed in water or rinsing solution to ensure complete rinsing.

Drying section:

Some multi-function bottle washers include a drying component to eliminate moisture from the combinations of bottles. It may include:

  • Forced air drying: High-velocity air blowers or air knives are used to blow hot or ambient air onto the bottles, evaporating the moisture.
  • Heated drying tunnels: The bottles pass through heated tunnels or chambers that facilitate drying.
  • Vacuum drying: Bottles are placed in a vacuum chamber to accelerate the evaporation of moisture.

Our bottle washing machine – The perfect solution for all types of bottles

Irrespective of the size or material of your bottles, whether they are glass bottles or plastic bottles, Géninox provides the ideal solution for all your packaging needs. Our industrial bottle cleaners, including our top-rated glass bottle washer, are specifically designed to handle bottles of various sizes, ensuring optimal performance.

Whether you are looking at a washer for beer bottles or wine bottles or any other popular glass bottles Géninox has the solution for you!

Advanced nozzle and basket technology

Our bottle washing machines are equipped with advanced nozzles and robust basket options that guarantee a thorough and double treatment for each bottle. Crafted from durable stainless steel, these fitting baskets securely hold the bottles during the bottle washing process, efficiently accommodating bottles of all sizes.

Minimal water consumption, maximum results

With a strong emphasis on sustainability and our commitment to water conservation, our bottle washers employ micro-filtered water for the cleaning process, significantly reducing water consumption while maintaining the utmost cleanliness of your containers.

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Installation and affordable pricing on our bottle washing machines

At Géninox, our team ensures a hassle-free installation of your chosen bottle washer machine, providing comprehensive support to ensure the smooth operation of your production line. We offer these features at affordable prices, demonstrating our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that align with your budget.

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