Transfer pumps

Géninox transfer equipment is equipped with a piston system used to transfer products from one tank to another without modifying or damaging the texture and the product particles. A transfer pump speeds up the production and reduces the risk of injury caused by hard to handle containers. Moreover, this sanitary equipment can judiciously feed your filling hoppers through an automated system based on the recognition of the product level. Hence, one can produce continuously, without interrupting the filling process to refill an empty hopper. The equipment is compact and has very few parts for a quick cleanup.

Kettle and mixer transfer pump G31
This compact pump is fixed directly to a kettle or mixer outlet. G31 is an economic choice, is user friendly and it pumps all liquids to the last drop. Heat resistant up to 100 degrees Celcius and it pumps both liquid and chunky products.
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Table top transfer pump G9
This high performance transfer pump is used to deal with the most chunky and dense products up to 70 liters per minute. It is a very compact device, easy to assemble and has few parts making it easy to clean.
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Mobile transfer pump G10
This transfer station provides mobility to transfer your products to different places in your facility. It is now safe and easy to continuously transfer large volumes of hot products.
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Diving transfert pump G11
Ideal to pump liquids or chunky products in a pot at ground level or from a container too heavy to be lifted. This equipment allows to dive to the tank bottom and completely transfer the product to a higher hopper.
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