Automated liquid filling systems - Filler
Pressure filler with overflow nozzles
Hot sauce automated piston filler
Liquid packaging line - Bottling line - Rotative table, Filler and Capper
Piston filler with air bottle cleaning system integrated

  Automatic filling machines

Géninox automated linear filling machines fill your containers and bottles with speed and accuracy. They are ingeniously designed to fill a wide range of chunky, semiviscous and viscous liquids. Multiple filling technologies can be provided to meet your needs : volumetric piston, pressure, net weight or gravity.

  Semi-automatic fillers

Ideal for small productions, Géninox semi-automatic machines fill, deposit and dose your products in various container shapes. They are built to make your job easier and to increase the rate of your production. The return on investment will be easily earned in a few months of production!

  Packaging line equipment

Géninox offers several complementary equipment to your filling machine. Essential to limit the number of operators on your automated packaging line, these equipment increase the packaging process efficiency. We work to grow your business by offering what is best for a reliable and efficient production.

Géninox offers a satisfying experience in every respect. Our goal is to participate to your growth by offering a professional, exemplary and fast service.
We produce durable equipment. Strong and reliable, all our products comply with the highest quality standards to offer a high quality experience.
One knows a reliable, accurate and splash-free filling is needed for your container fillings! Our fillers will greatly improve your production.
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