Net Weight Drum Filler (Floor Scale)

Floor scale Drum filling

Floor scale fatory test - Maple syrup drum filling

Floor scale net weight drum filling
Drum filler


To fill drums and other large size containers, the net weight filling station with floor scale allows you to quickly fill your container while providing excellent accuracy. We adapt our system according to your needs: Pump type, scale type and size, and nozzle size. This filling system is semi-automatic since the management of empty and full drums is done by an operator. The weight indicator integrated in the stainless steel control panel allows to select multiple filling options. Several inputs and outputs (I / O) are available to start a pump or to control different valves on the process line. Simply connect the nozzle to your tank, cooker or process line to begin filling.


  • Made in Quebec with quality materials and components;
  • Excellent precision +/-0.5%;
  • Shut-off nozzles with height adjustment;
  • Capacity, accuracy and type of balance varies according to need;
  • I/O to communicate with a pump or process valves;
  • Sizing to be determined with client's needs;
  • Electric power supply : 120 volts.