Piston filling machine

Géninox piston filling machine is an automatic volumetric piston filling system for fluid, semi-viscous and viscous products. Offering high precision, the piston filler allows volumetric filling of your containers. This filling machine can fill products such as sauces, syrup, creams, jam, caramel, honey, oils, salsa, creton, jelly, condiments, dressings and more.

Several options are available to you on this automated filling machine to allow you doing more with your investment: diving system for bottom-up filling, double jacketed hopper, agitator, air / vacuum cleaning system, etc.

Piston filling system

Pressure filling machine

Géninox offers an automatic pressure filler for fluid, foamy, and semi-viscous products. It can fill volumes from 10ml to 5L (0.34oz to 176oz). This technology is an economic choice and it offers the ability to add multiple nozzle heads to increase your bottle filling rate. In addition, the cleaning of this equipment is quick, a cleaning mode CIP (Clean in place) is available on the panel control.

Système de remplissage par pression

Net weight filling system

The use of scales to fill your containers allows the filling of larger or non-standard container formats. Scales and gauges allow filling with great precision. Géninox offers a net weight filling system design adapted to your needs. Several net weight systems can be integrated into our equipment: tabletop scale, gauge, floor scale, etc. The weight indicator integrated to Geninox systems offers multiple filling options.

Net weight filling system

Gravity filling system

This system allows bottles filling using atmospheric pressure to distribute the product in the filler. Gravity is used for liquid products having a very low viscosity, fully homogeneous and with stable physical characteristics during temperature changes. It is usually used for slow filling and for products that can't flow back to the tank is unacceptable. The gravity filling system is an accessible technology, but with little flexibility.

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Gravity filling systems