T-Cork Capper

T-cork Capper
Bottle capper
T-cork capper

T-Cork capper for alcohol bottles

T-cork capper
T-cork capper
T-cork capper
T-cork capper


Ideal for distilleries and companies using T-Cork synthetic caps, the T-cork capper can push the caps at the bottom of the neck following the manual insertion of a cap on the neck by an operator. This equipment is an economical choice to complete the work of the operator in the step of pushing down the cork cap, a step that requires a lot of strength and energy. Entirely made in Quebec respecting Geninox quality standards, this capper is a must.


  • Manufactured in Quebec, Canada with Stainless and FDA approved materials;
  • Capping speed up to 50 bottles/min
  • Bottles shape : Square and round;
  • Stainless steel panel control;
  • 10' conveyor integrated to the equipment;
  • Electric power : 120 Volts.