P3 - Automatic pressure filler

Automatic pressure filler

Pressure filler with overflow nozzles

Automatic pressure filler
Automatic pressure filler


The P3 is an automatic multi-nozzles pressure filler allowing to fill bottles using the pressure of a pump and the overflow technology of the nozzles. This equipment works great with homogeneous liquid products as well as foamy products. The pressure nozzle system allows to fill your bottle up to the selected level even if foam is produced while filling. Different filling levels can be manually set by adding or removing nozzle spacing rings. This design is compact and allows to manualy adjust simple settings to fill several bottle formats. The P3 is easy to clean as there is few parts to clean. It is also possible to increase your filling productivity by adding more nozzles to the filler.


  • Filling volume : unlimited;
  • Filling speed adjustable on the panel control;
  • Tabletop conveyor : 10 foot long x 4-1/2'' belt width;
  • Bottles indexation system integrated on the equipment;
  • The nozzle heads are easily interchangeable to fill a wide range of product and volume;
  • Filling accuracy may vary with the quality of your empty bottles;
  • Compact and easy to assemble - full washdown capability.

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