G24 - Four heads piston filler

Four heads piston filler
Four heads piston filler
Automated Inline Filler
Four heads piston filler
Four heads piston filler
Dosage automatique 4 têtes - Remplissage automatisé de sauce
4 Heads filler for Sauce - Piston filler chunky product


The G24 four heads piston filler is an extremely flexible equipment that has the ability to quickly and accurately fill any liquid products, from low viscosity to chunky. The equipment is designed to easily be stretched and increase the number of pistons, up to 12. The G24 has a PLC touchscreen control panel to store product filling parameters for a quick setup. Also, it features an automatic diving nozzle system for a clean bottom-up filling which avoid product splash on the container. To keep the container and the conveyor clean, a drip tray is automatically positioned under the nozzles to make sure there is no product dripping while bottles displacement. It can easily and completely be disassembled for a full washdown capability. To get a complete bottles management under the filling nozzles, Géninox has a turnkey solution for you. Visit automation section to learn more.


  • Filling volume of 7ml to 1000ml per piston (other volume range in option);
  • Automatic nozzle diving system and drip tray to protect containers from nozzle liquid dripping;
  • Container control security : no bottle --> no filling;
  • Bottle cleaning system : sanitary air blowing combined with vacuum;
  • Filling accuracy of ±0.5% (may vary with product characteristics);
  • Nema 4X enclosure and full washdown capability.
  • Maximum working temperature of 212 ºF (100 ºC).

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